Upgrade your old fuse board

Upgrading your old fuse board to a new 17th Edition Consumer Unit will bring your domestic or commercial property up to date with the current wiring regulations and make your property safer.Below are some of the 17th edition consumer units we fit to bring your property up to date.
17th edition  Dual RCD Consumer Unit, (MCB and RCD combined)
One isolator and two RCD’s (Trip switches), it is where the MCB’s are arrange between  the to RCD’s in order to comply with the Wiring Regulations. This type of  board is the most commonly used in a domestic property, the dual RCD board uses the standard MCB’s (Miniature Circuit Breakers) without the use for  more expensive RCBO’s.A typical arrangement on a domestic property, 17th edition Dual RCD Consumer Unit

Up Lighting,
Downstairs Ring Main,
Garden Socket,


Down Lighting,
Upstairs Ring Main,
Central Heating,

By alternating each circuits as above, power will remain present on one of the floor if either RCD trips out.

Split Load Consumer Unit, (one isolator and one RCD)
The circuits are arranged between these 2 devices, this was the most commonly used for domestic properties to comply with the 16th Edition Wiring Regulations, and still used today more in commercial installations in order to comply with the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations.

A typical arrangement on a domestic property, 16th edition RCD Consumer Unit.

MAIN ISOLATOR (not protected by RCD)

Up Lighting,
Down Lighting,

Downstairs Ring Main,
Upstairs Ring Main,
Central Heating,

By having one RCD it only protects the ciurcits on that side, and not the other others on the main switch side

Main isolator and RCBO Consumer Unit, (one isolator and RCBO’s for each circuit)
One isolator then one RCBO for each circuits, providing earth fault protection to each individual circuits, while minimising nuisance tripping, this would ensure 17th Edition Wiring Regulations compliance. This is the most expensive type of board in terms of parts. But the best in terms of safety

A typical arrangement on a Main isolator and RCBO Consumer Unit.


RCBO – upstairs ring main

RCBO – downstairs ring main

RCBO – upstairs lighting

RCBO – downstairs lighting

RCBO – cooker

RCBO – shower

By having a Main isolator and RCBO’s for each individual circuit, it provides individual protection and reduces nuisance tripping by other circuits

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