Your fuse box questions answered

Questions and answers about your old fuse box or current distribution board.

1. Question: I am a tenant with a private landlord and have a wired fuseboard and no rcd. Am I correct in thinking that this is illegal? Thanks.

Answer: No its not illegal, but its not up to current wiring regulations bs7671. but it would be far safer if it had a new mains board with RCD protection. you could ask your landlord if its had an electrical installation condition report done on the property before you moved in, this would identify any potential safety issues. if not you could ask him to have one carried out on the property. this way you both would no if anything was wrong.


2. Question: How do I reset power on my consumer unit.

Answer: Firstly, you need to identify the problem, you need to see what trip switches have tripped to the OFF position, then try resetting these switches back to the ON position.

If the trip goes off again, you probably have a fault on a circuit or an appliance. You need to identify which circuit is being affected or which appliance on that circuit that is causing the problem.

  1. Check all the rooms in the property and note which lights or socket (circuits) are not working.
  2. Unplug all appliances on that circuit and switch off any lights and heaters.
  3. Switch the ‘tripped’ switch back to the ON position.
  4. If the trip switch stays on, go round and plug in all the appliances and switch on the lights one at a time until it trips again.

If it trips as you plug an appliance in or when you turn a light switch back on, you know its a problem with that particular appliance or light. If none of the above work you will need to call an electrician.




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